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Are You Ready to Become Fit For The King?

Being Fit For The King means being physically available to love God completely, let Him love others through you, and accomplish all He desires with you for His glory.

Fit For The King is a non-profit ministry focused on helping Christians discover timeless biblical principles that transform not only their bodies, but their motivations for being physically fit. Here are some of the things we know that Christians desire for their physical well-being. Can you relate to them? Hover over the statements to see what people are saying about the impact of Fit For The King.

Fit For The King is a non-profit ministry focused on helping Christians discover timeless biblical principles that transform not only their bodies, but their motivations for being physically fit. Here are some of the things we know that Christians desire for their physical well-being. Can you relate to them? Click on the statements to see what people are saying about the impact of Fit For The King.

They desire to be healthy and in peak physical condition.

“I recently lost 40 pounds in an effort to better steward the body and time and opportunities God has given me.”

– Rob

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They desire physical fitness to be as important as other aspects of their lives.

“This journey is bringing healing and sanctifying me in ways I’ve never imagined.”

– Kris

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They are looking for Bible-based and discipleship-focused guidance.

“Many Christians do not have a clear understanding of how the gospel impacts their pursuit of physical fitness.”

– Matt

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They want to learn how to balance taking care of their own health while also helping others take care of theirs: especially pastors, church staff, and ministry leaders.

“Ministers sometimes need ministering to… a great tool to stay fresh and effective in ministry.”

– Cole

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They would like to break free of the world’s extreme views of the body: One needs to be model–ready or it’s okay to be heavy and out of shape as long as the person is happy.

“Fit For The King has helped bring balance to all of my life.”

– Jason

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Because we understand these desires of Christians, our ministry helps you discover the motivation, time, and resources needed to become Fit For The King.

We are different from other fitness or nutrition programs in that we are holistic in our approach (1 Thess 5:23-24). We believe that the Word of God should be the foundation for our motivation to be physically fit.

God has called us all to ministry and we want to be ready to fulfill that calling. By treating your body as the temple in which God dwells, you will be physically able to take on what God has called you to.


Have you been trying for years to get fit on your own without success? Have you tried diet plans only to gain your weight back when you stop? Have you tried a personal trainer, special food, and gym memberships only to see them fall by the wayside? Fit For The King is here to help. 

Fit For The King is the coaching and accountability missing from your failed diet and fitness regimen, and it is the gospel-centered coaching help you need to overcome persistent barriers to a balanced and healthy life. We believe that it is important to get to know one another prior to entering into a coaching relationship, so we offer a free consultation. During this time you can meet David, learn about the program, and ask any questions you may have before getting started.

David Bush from Fit for the King

Title: Fit For The King Coaching Program

Speaker 1 – 0:00:06
I’m David Bush with Fit For The King. We’re a unique non-profit ministry that is helping pastors, Christian business leaders, and committed disciples of Jesus, learn and apply gospel-centered principles in the area of body stewardship through our resources, including, personal coaching. The unique process of Fit For The King, along with my books, have attracted the interest of television news hosts, Christian ministry leaders, and radio shows across the United States, and brought opportunities to speak about body stewardship at churches, Christian schools, and national conferences. As a pastor and worship leader for nearly 20 years. It’s my experience that the average Christian has very little biblical understanding of the physical body or of gospel-centered motives for body care that
would please God. Now given the important role that our bodies play in advancing the kingdom of God, this is no small omission. Left with nothing but the world’s often misguided reasons to pursue fitness. It’s no wonder that the Church is statistically more unhealthy than the culture at large. Perhaps you’re one of those statistics. Or maybe you just want to learn what the Bible says about how we should steward our bodies in a culture that’s filled with lots of bad ideas. Either way, I’d like to help.

Speaker 1 – 0:01:28
Tell me if this scenario of sounds familiar to you. Knowing something needs to change, you jump into a new health regimen without ever evaluating your motivation or goals, or how this connects with your faith walk. There is usually no real accountability for progress or balance in the pursuit. Personal, spiritual, relational, and dietary issues that have undermined success in the past are never addressed as this is not part of the “program.” Because of these and other factors, no lasting change is experienced and you’re left to try another go with the hamster wheel when things get bad enough or you get unexpected news from your doctor. Or perhaps you try a commercial diet you heard about from a friend, on the internet, or from some media source.

Speaker 1 – 0:02:17
After weeks of frustration trying to be compliant with a diet that is either expensive, not in keeping with your preferences, or unsustainable, you give up and go back to your former eating patterns. Your body is confused and often responds by hoarding fat, leaving you worse off than before you started. Or maybe you join a health club or hire a personal trainer to help you work out more consistently and get healthier. Your cardiovascular health and muscle mass likely improves as a result, but no lasting change is experienced because your eating habits were never consistently addressed. Your motives were never identified, the personal baggage and stress issues of your life were never dealt with, and no connection was made to the most important part of your life – your walk with Christ. When the training ended, the gravitational forces that have ordered your physical life return, along with the issues that brought you to a personal trainer to begin with.

Speaker 1 – 0:03:19
The fact is, until people have worked through, the issues hindering their ability to experience a healthy life, the best most can achieve is temporary window dressing. A follower of Christ might easily despair at the state of affairs. Going with the flow of church culture often means an inevitable slide toward poor health. While pursuing fitness the world’s way, seems to lead to a self-focused pursuit that lacks balance. It is out of this unacceptable dichotomy that the ministry of Fit For The King has developed tools and resources for the Church over the past 10 years. At Fit For The King, we view fitness as a means to an end. We need to steward our physical bodies, so that we are available to enjoy God more. So that we can love, bless, and serve others in our lives more effectively, and glorify God by accomplishing all He has purposed for us to do. This desire is contained in our defining statement. Being Fit For The King means being physically available to love God completely, let Him love others through you, and accomplish all He desires with you for His Glory.

Speaker 1 – 0:04:26
What many in the Church need to achieve success, is a combination of sound information on fitness and nutrition, coupled with coaching, discipleship, and accountability. This combination of sound nutritional and physiological support, along with gospel-centered encouragement and accountability, is unique to the Fit For The King coaching program. Our three-month process takes the individual through Demolition. Demolishing wrong thoughts from our culture, about God, yourself, and your purpose, is the first critical step to success. Until these falsehoods are exposed, demolished, and carted away, most people cannot successfully move forward to experience lasting and balanced health practices. Foundation. A New Foundation based on biblical truth and scientific fact needs to be laid. These are truths about God’s purpose for His children, His goal for every Christ-follower, eternal principles regarding how life
operates, and nutritional and exercise facts that can inform a lifetime of pursuing good health.

Speaker 1 – 0:05:35
And Transformation. With old ideas and thoughts demolished and a new foundation laid the prospects for lasting transformation are good. Appropriate goals, a pathway for success, and a willingness to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, are all a part of becoming a new creation in Christ. The coaching program at Fit For The King includes, my two books, a Nutritional and Fitness Journal, A Healthy Recipe Book, and a 12 Session Coaching Playbook that includes interactive lessons. I personally guide you, as we meet weekly, for about 90 minutes. Also included, are numerous blogs, video stories, and instructional videos with quizzes. Are you ready to learn what the Bible says about the body God gave you and how He wants you to steward it? Are you willing to let the Gospel inform your identity and empower your transformation? Are you ready to pursue motivations for fitness that are worthy and God-glorifying? Are you interested in becoming
more available to love and serve the people you care about the most?

Speaker 1 – 0:06:47
Are you interested in fueling your body with what it wants instead of harming it with what brings you temporary pleasure? Are you ready to pursue a life of nutrition and exercise that leads to balance and availability? If your response to these questions is, “Yes!” Then I would encourage you to check out the Coaching tab at fit4theking.net. Wouldn’t it be great to know you’re ready to embrace everything God has purposed for your life? I sincerely hope we can work together to accomplish that.


The Fit For The King Ministry was founded upon the book Fit For The King: Your Health and God’s Purpose for Your Life and was expanded with the devotional book The Body Gospel: 30 Days of Gospel Truth That Will Transform Your Mind, Body, and Spirit. You can also stay up to date with Fit For The King and what we are doing through our Blog and Newsletter.

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