Fit For The King: Your Health And God’s Purpose For Your Life


When it comes to the topic of health and fitness, we live in a culture of extremes. Some follow the path of least resistance, eating large and often. Others become obsessed with fitness and diet. In the midst of this tug of war, is it possible to find a biblically-informed balance? Your health plays an oversized role in achieving God’s purposes for your life. Don’t miss out on all that God wants to accomplish through you. Join a revolutionary movement of worship that will change not only the way you think about your body – but how you treat it as well.


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The Author

David Bush is a singer, songwriter and worship pastor whose music has been heard in concerts and on radio across North America. While he has recorded four projects of original material, Fit For The King: Your Health and God’s Purpose for Your Life is David’s first book. In addition to his musical pursuits, David is developing health, fitness and nutrition classes as well as seminars and conferences.

Here’s What People Are Saying

We are being inundated with books on diet and fitness that have their moment but do not seem to make a lasting impact. What I like about this book is the solid biblical foundation supporting the practical encouragement. The book is written in a very personal, engaging style. But it is not lightweight. This is not about a quick fix, but an inner transformation for the long haul. What you will remember when you are done is who you are in Christ (if you know Him) and where our real battle lies. I recommend this to anyone interested in how our spiritual understanding determines our lifestyles.

Illinois Pastor
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As a trainer, I love how Fit For The King, gets to the marrow of life’s purpose, and that is Stewardship. I believe that if all trainers would teach with this philosophy clients would have a higher success rate. No longer being chained to a scale, a false worth, an unobtainable image of perfection but a sense of freedom from the failed diets, failed workout plans to a new person that is alive, both physically, and spiritually. Every Personal Trainer and Fitness Trainer needs this book.

Danielle Pearson
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This book changed the way I view fitness. I read this book when I was 16 years old, and it truly set a foundation of not only my fitness life style, but also, how I interacted with others day-to-day. It set a clear path of my motivation for why I train. I see the book as laying a foundation of generally selfless living and always looking to be prepared to help your neighbor and family when the needs arise. Would recommend for all people of all walks of life.

Molly B.
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Compelling – Personal – Practical. David and Joe take a balanced approach between physical and spiritual wellbeing. The bottom line is that our bodies are a stewardship from God. Many lifelong blessings are to be found in managing our physical being according to eternal, spiritual principles. Reading this book will help you to grasp how proper nutrition and exercise make you fit for everyday life as well as the abundant eternal life of Christ. READ & APPLY!

Pastor Mike
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