Is It For Me?

This is a valid question, and we know that many of our coaching clients have been burned by fitness and nutrition coaches, MLM programs, and personal trainers before. While the programs work for awhile, they don’t lead you down a path of long-term success, but rather short-term progress and long-term losses. If you are ready to discover the ultimate reason to be fit and healthy, if you are ready to say, “Yes, I am able!” to the call God has for your life, and you are ready for long-term success in your pursuit of body stewardship, our program might be a great fit for you. We aren’t a multi-level marketing organization, we aren’t going to sell you a diet program full of our food, and we aren’t going to make you buy an expensive gym membership. We are going to take you through a journey of discovering who you are as a daughter or son of God and understanding how He wants you to treat your body. We’ll help you develop gospel-centered motivations for health that can last a lifetime. We’ll help you choose foods and exercises that will fit into your lifestyle.

Client Profiles

We have found that the majority of our coaching clients fall into one of the following three profiles. Does one of them sound familiar to you?


Pastor looking to get into shape with Fit for the King

You’ve been taking care of others for years. To continue to do it effectively, it’s vital to take great care of yourself.

You became a pastor or church leader because you felt a call to help other people with the greatest need they would ever encounter—to be reconciled to God. Now, after years of giving, serving, encouraging, and counseling, you’re beginning to wonder if you will be able to finish well. Not because of a moral failure or a lack of desire to continue, but because your vigor, stamina, emotional stability, and resilience are being put to the test. You may be obese or thin but, simply put, you’re not very healthy anymore. You’ve put your health on the “back burner” and your physical body has become the ultimate repository of the cumulative stress, inattention, busyness, expectations, and burden-bearing you’ve been doing for years.

You’re tired of feeling like a hypocrite; telling others to find balance in their lives while your own lack of discipline accuses you. In your quiet moments, you wonder if God will still be able to use you effectively if something doesn’t change.

But what can you do? You have no interest in following the culture’s narcissistic pursuit of fitness. And who would understand how to help a pastor who is rarely allowed to be honest about insecurities, barriers, and failures, as well as to be motivated by the gospel?

You’ve been praying for God’s help—even His intervention. Perhaps He’s now asking you to do something.


Entrepreneur looking to get in shape to better serve God

You’ve been creating opportunity for investors and employees for years. It’s past time you invested in yourself.

You’ve always been a leader who had an uncanny knack for making money. The thrill and challenge of building an idea into a company always lit your fuse, and most of the time the demands and pace of change meant you were running on adrenaline. Lately, though, there has been a growing realization that you’re writing checks your body may not be able to cash.

Fitness has always been something you sought, but shoe-horning it into your schedule has always been a challenge. It’s becoming clear, however, that unless some changes are made, the imbalances of your life are going to cost you dearly. As you’ve gotten older, you understand that your ability to produce results will have an increasing physiological component to it.

Where do you start? For years you have been paying for a club membership you don’t use. Your Christian faith tells you that you might not fit in with the cultural narcissism that seems to pervade the fitness world anyway. How is a 22 year-old who spends all day in the gym going to help you? Fact is, anyone who starts poking around in your health issues is going to find out there’s a lot of other baggage there too. Who would have the experience, the maturity, the pastoral approach, and frankly, the stones to address your issues and hold you accountable to better health practices?

Everyday Individual

Everyday people looking to get into shape and be fit for the king

This isn’t your first time to the weight-reduction, get-fit rodeo.

You’ve done your “before” and “after” photos for social media or worked through a personal trainer’s  toolbox, but nobody ever posts the “after the before-and-after” photos. These pictures would reveal a body that has put all the weight back on—and then some. What they would also show, if they revealed your mind and heart, is a life filled with fatigue, shame, guilt, frustration, futility, and a weariness from having food and health as a constant struggle.

You’re tired of looking and feeling worse than you know you could, but you’re not interested in joining the fitness culture’s pursuit of narcissism and self-obsession. You’re also not interested in getting locked into mandatory supplement purchases or joining someone else’s coaching stable. Furthermore, you’re frustrated that your personal trainer seems either uninterested or incapable of addressing the spiritual, relational, and emotional issues that are at the core of your struggle.

Is there a way that health and fitness can fit into a lifestyle of balance, appropriate priorities, and … joy? Is there a motivation for fitness that isn’t short-term or self-centered—something that aligns with your Christian faith? You’re aware what the culture, your employer, your spouse, and your peer group expects of you physically. But what about your Creator? Does He have expectations?

Ready to see if Fit For The King is for you? Answer the questions below.

→ Are you ready to learn what the Bible says about the body God gave you and how He wants you to steward it?

Are you willing to let the gospel inform your identity and empower your transformation?

Are you ready to pursue motivations for fitness that are worthy and God-glorifying?

→ Are you interested in becoming more available to love and serve the people you care about the most?

→ Are you interested in fueling your body with what it wants instead of harming it with what brings you temporary pleasure?

→ Are you ready to pursue a life of nutrition and exercise that leads to balance and availability?

If your response is “YES!” then let me help you become Fit For The King!