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Group Fitness

What is The Body Gospel Boot Camp?

Body Gospel Boot Camp is a unique opportunity to start or end your day with exercise, prayer, scripture, fellowship, accountability and encouragement! Wherever you are in your health journey, our Boot Camp will provide you movements that will energize and challenge you while reminding you of the best motive for body stewardship: Availability to love and serve God and others to our capacity!

Boot Camp FAQS

I’m really out of shape, will I be able to go at my own pace?2020-06-02T19:41:00+00:00

Yes you will. We offer modifications to the exercises that we are do so that our classes are accessible to everyone. From 18 to 90 years of age, 90lbs to 400lbs, and exercise pros to newbies, our certified instructors will make sure you can complete each exercise safely and within your individual limits.

I’ve got a knee, back, ankle, wrist, or shoulder injury, can I still participate?2020-05-04T04:33:25+00:00

Yes, you can definitely participate. We offer modifications for all of our exercises. Let your instructor know your limitations and they will make sure you are given a proper modification.

I’ve never done group fitness, what’s it like?2020-06-02T19:41:53+00:00

It’s a blast. Working out with others who are all across the board fitness and age wise gives you the opportunity to make new friends in a judgement-free zone. Our groups offer nothing but encouragement and support to one another. This is one of the big benefits of a Christ-centered fitness program.

How long are the sessions?2020-06-02T19:43:06+00:00

Each boot camp ranges from 8—12 sessions depending on location and the sessions are 45 minutes long. Our group fitness classes are held throughout the year at different locations around the Des Moines metro.

I want this offered at my church, how do I make that happen?2020-05-04T04:35:12+00:00

We are so excited that you would like to have this program offered at your church. If you are a church staff member, give us a call or send us a message to discuss the possibility of offering a fitness class at your church. If you are a member of a church, the best place to start is by mentioning that you would like a FFTK Boot Camp offered at your church and have them contact us.

I’m not able to attend a Boot Camp, do you offer anything online?2020-06-02T19:43:30+00:00

We currently have an at-home resource that you can get for free by signing up for our newsletter.

I want to attend a Boot Camp but I can’t afford it. Do you offer scholarships?2020-06-02T19:44:46+00:00

While our classes are low cost in comparison to a gym, we understand that they aren’t feasible for everyone. Our generous donors make it possible for us to provide a few scholarships each year to participants. Oftentimes many of the churches that host our classes will offer a scholarship or two for members of their congregation. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please fill out this form


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    Hanna Bailey has been an instructor with Fit for the King since we started offering classes several years ago. She is the proud mom of an adorable little boy and resides in the Des Moines area with her husband. When Hanna isn’t teaching, you can find her photographing seniors, couples, and families. In her free time, Hanna enjoys spending time outdoors, playing sports, exercising, engaging in fellowship, and spending time with the Lord.

    Upcoming Boot Camps

    Fall Group Fitness Class

    Dates: September 15 – October 15

    Days and Times: Tuesday and Thursday Evenings from 5:30-6:15pm

    Where: The Mission Church

    12001 Ridgemont Dr. Urbandale

    Session Length: 10 sessions for $75.00

    Certified Instructor: Hannah Bailey

    Special Note Regarding COVID-19: Space will be available for social distancing and additional cleaning has been implemented. If you are feeling ill and/or are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 please refrain from attending classes until you have recovered or have completed your quarantine. Masks are not required during workouts.

    Mailing List

    Complete the form below and receive our new workout program for free upon signing up.


      “So what I really loved is that the instructor was able to give me modifications. I have a back injury so, it was nice that there were modifications that could be made. Don’t be afraid if you need modifications, the instructor’s great about helping you to do something that will not be dangerous for you.” 

      — Sarah

      “I love coming to the Fit for the King workouts because I could go to the gym and get the world or I can come here and be filled with the Spirit. I love that in part of this workout, we get cardio, we get weight bearing exercises (lots of it), and you do that same thing at the gym, but with that spiritual addition, I just love it. And we’re a family here.”

      — Nancy

      “I think it’s been a great help to me. It’s given me an incentive to even eat better, and along with the physical fitness I’m getting through the boot camp, I think it’s doing a world of good for my health.”

      — Larry

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