• Despite more tools and resources to assist us in our pursuit of wellness than have ever existed, the health and fitness of Americans continues to decline, with the Church leading the way in unhealthy behaviors. What accounts for this? Pastor and Author David Bush follows up his previously published book, Fit For The King, with a 30-day devotional that gets to the root of our problem—a misunderstanding or misapplication of the gospel. This book starts where all change must begin—with our minds and our hearts—by leading the reader through a daily re-examination of the relationship between our physical bodies and the development of gospel-centered motives for change. The Christian in need of physical transformation must first address his or her motive for change, then pursue a health journey that is guided by the grace and truth of the gospel! Before you try another fitness class or take the latest diet craze for a test drive, spend 30 days gaining God's perspective of your body, your motives, and your pursuit of better health!
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  • When it comes to the topic of health and fitness, we live in a culture of extremes. Some follow the path of least resistance, eating large and often. Others become obsessed with fitness and diet. In the midst of this tug of war, is it possible to find a biblically-informed balance? Your health plays an oversized role in achieving God's purposes for your life. Don't miss out on all that God wants to accomplish through you. Join a revolutionary movement of worship that will change not only the way you think about your body - but how you treat it as well.
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  • Fit for the King Journals Fit for the King Journal
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  • Fit for the King Journals

    Book Kit

    Read and journal your way to better body stewardship with the Fit For The King Book Kit. This set makes a great gift for your loved ones that have expressed an interest in getting healthier, for a home school family looking to add to their physical fitness and nutritional education program, or for yourself when you are ready to commit changing the way you look at taking care of your body from the world's perspective to God's perspective. Save $2 when you buy the books as a set! The Book Kit includes... - The Fit For The King Book - The Body Gospel 30 Day Devotional - The Fit For The King Daily Journal
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