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2020: Dumpster Fire or Refining Fire?

2020: Dumpster Fire or Refining Fire? The Answer Depends on Your Perspective of God’s Purpose for Your Life It seems that 2021 couldn’t have arrived soon enough. Many are ready to embrace a new year with the hope and optimism that the turning of the calendar provides. But in order for holistic growth and fruitfulness

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Finding Contentment In How God Made You

Finding Contentment In How God Made You Few truths are as comforting to the follower of Christ as the belief that God has a plan and purpose for our lives. Especially in seasons of uncertainty and upheaval, we cling to the promise that God’s sovereignty and omnipotence will guide us toward a future that will

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Redeemed…or Just Renting?

Having entered the house rental market as a landlord recently with my wife and one of my sons, I have gained first-hand experience in areas I had only heard about previously. The importance of buying structurally sound properties at the right price, wisely renovating them with the right features to add value, pricing them appropriately,

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The Myth Of A Compartmentalized Life

I’ve developed an online fitness challenge that typically runs in the spring and fall. People from across the country looking for a biblical perspective on health and fitness join together for 28 days to learn nutritious eating habits, healthy movement, and most importantly, how the gospel informs our body stewardship. I don’t know most of

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Me Before You

  Ever since the trailer for Me Before You began showing months ago, my wife has been telling me “we’ve got to see this movie!” She didn’t need to twist my arm, as I routinely surrender my man card to view “chick flicks.” This story seemed witty, compelling, and different than most, so I was

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Resolution…or Revolution

What Black Friday is to our nation’s retailers, the month of January is to the growing number of fitness centers dotting our cities. Riding the wave of January resolutions to get fit, the profits made in the first few months of the year will carry many clubs through the balance of the year when memberships

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Your Spring Health and Fitness Do-Over

By David Bush A post titled “Spring Fitness Makeover” would probably sell better, but it’s just one of many title options we decided against in the name of honesty. The fact is, January’s Super Bowl Party, February’s Valentine’s weekend, and Easter’s post-church feast have typically waylaid the health and fitness goals you set the first

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